Decorative Bowls


This glass medium is very common as the pieces are moderate size and weight and can be displayed easily with or without backlight and from full verticle on wall mounts to full horizontal on shelf or table displays. Although sized equivilant to large serving dishes, these pieces are for display and observation only and may contain rare metals such as silver, gold, and other elements to give the special colors and reflectance that make them visually interesting and pleasing.


In designing and producing these pieces I will make and use elements from lampwork (torch work), Kiln made pieces, or cut glass designs and blanks from various colored sheets. All elements are glass - I don't use enamel or other mediums to complete my glass art pieces.


I typically design the layout on paper and then make or cut the design components before tack or full fusing them together in design layout. After fusing, I typically slump the fused components in a mold to produce a geometric 3D shape and then anneal and cold work the pieces to create smooth, polished, and pleasing appearance.


The finished pieces range from 3mm to 12mm thickness and typically from 13" to 17" diameter. If you would like more information or pricing, please use the contact me page of the website.



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