My journey with art has spanned many years as I have been creating and experimenting since early childhood. Through the years I have developed the capability to produce art in several mediums but I have settled on my two favorite as my focus in my art career.


Fine Art Glass items and Watercolor painting are my passion and love.


I have dedicated myself to both a college degree and many artist directed workshops to insure that I am producing my selected artform with the technical knowledge of current practices and am able to relate my visions into reality for others to enjoy as mush as I do. Many pieces are a battle of will and require many tries to get right but in the long run I can be happy with the results and know that the eventual owner will enjoy looking at (or wearing) the art for many years.


I am honored that you are visiting my website and hope that you enjoy looking at the art as much as I enjoy producing it.




Debora Seaver

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Debora Seaver


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Pacific City art show Aug 24,25 2019