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Art brings people together, and creativity opens hearts.  Please look at all of the mediums and product types to get a full impression of my artwork and take it with you in your memory to enjoy at your leisure.


The combination of painting and glass was a diversion of my interests that has expanded into a sincere love of both mediums. I apply both form and color to each seeking pleasing results in presentable and enjoyable art.


I enjoy the color capability of multilayered watercolors and constantly strive to surprise and please people with the fusion of interesting subjects and very vivid colors that compliment . I am a representational artist and enjoy relaying to the world the interesting things that I see in everyday life.


My love and fear of the glass process extends from cuts, burns, and beautiful results. I fear the extreme heat and sharp edges but have a passion to create in this medium as the fusion of the components of lampwork (torchwork) and kiln fusion and slumping creates designs and one of a kind results that are pleasing and unique.


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Debora Seaver

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